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How do we actually grow our team during the summer season?

  • What is the attitude you must have to flourish in the summer?
  • What are three things you can do to inspire your team?
  • What is the One Thing you Must Never do in the summer season.


How do you take full advantage of Summer events including your convention?

  • How do you take advantage of your vacations and your kids being home?
  • What season does your summer efforts influence the most?


How to connect with 1-5  people a day you do not know.

  • How to make those connections turn into trusted relationships
  • How do you know if the people you meet will be good in your business
  • Rb’s exclusive strategy for turning casual contacts, even negative contacts into new team members


How to craft an irresistible invite so your prospect can only say Yes.

  • Authentic Curiosity is the state of being that pays big dividends.
  • Questions followed by Be Present leads to knowing your prospect.
  • Knowing your prospect leads to offering them exactly what they want.


How to Rank Advance 5 times faster than normal and double your income.

  • Sales volume is not best managed by orders…that is the linear approach.
  • Sales volume is best managed by leadership…the leveraged approach.
  • Your goals are best achieved by coaching and managing others to achieve theirs.


Motivation. Your secret sauce. The highest paid people in the world are motivators.

  • How do you motivate yourself?
  • How do you motivate your team in general?
  • How do you motivate those that are stuck or aimless?


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